Thursday, January 6, 2011

NACE Tabletop Design

While working a large wedding at a private home last summer, we were lucky enough to meet senior event consultant Tom Lewis from Classic Party rentals. Tom had provided our bride with the most beautiful coustum linens, as well as tents and grand chandeliers.  Some weeks after, he approached us with an invite to design a tabletop for a NACE (national association of catering executives)event here in Sacramento.  Being supplied with an orange and chocolate color story we began bainstorming.  After discovering we would be using bamboo styled utensils, we decided to go with an Asian theme.  

The first major peice was an antiqued buddha statue that we had framed with real bamboo reeds.  The two reeds had holes drilled into them and a thrid reed was stuck through the center.  Hanging glass lanterns of orange color were hung with wired twine to give off a calming and zen-like ambiance.  Produce being a large staple in Asian cuisine and culture, we made our way to the nearest farmers market.  There we chose another color to really emphasize throughout our design...GREEN!  Bok Choi, green apples, mushrooms, orange turnips, green roses, and orange vanda orchids flanked the central peice.  Overall our design was Asian organic with a contemporary spin.  We hope you enjoy it:)   

Special thanks to Meagan Lucy from Christopher Kight Photography for the wonderful photos!

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