Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Simplicity: Using Vintage Collections in Your Wedding Decor

Looking over some wedding blogs we stumbled across something sweet and new.  Not sure if the sweetness has anything to do with the fact that there are fancy french toast kabobs, which look to die for! The table scape as a whole is quite quaint and very easy on the eye.  Looking close, we see that the design of this look is more focused on small details.  Here at the flower shop, we strive to create the same look.  Smaller, more intimate arrangements are a lot of the times described as "simple" by many brides.  However, they may be smaller and more delicate in appearance, but in actuality, they have a great amount of thought put into them.  Great attention to detail is not something that any designer can accomplish.  These photographs really showcase the skill being demonstrated.  Choosing the main flowers and the accent or fillers is also another task that is extremely important.  Knowing your textures and choice of proper color schemes is key.  These arrangements, as well as the props included, really compliment the entire look of the shoot.  We love the details! And hopefully now with a little background, you can notice and appreciate the small things for all that they are.   

Notice the teal glass julep cup to the side of the plate.  Having different pieces creates a sense of interest in your reception decor.  It sets off a more custom feel and creates more of a dramatic appearance.  Think of it similar to fashion, pairing a leopard mini with some great red pumps, it is a very trendy style and quite appealing.  Sometimes a contrast in color gives a great finishing look.  Our flower shop is stocked with collections of vintage glass and many more unique fair findings.  If your a DIY bride, you can even rummage your local garage sales or antique street fairs. 

The above mirror is also a vintage find.  These are popular for home decor for placement of jewelry, fragrances, or cosmetics.  Now, more recently, we are seeing them pop up in wedding decor with the use of florals.  Collections of romantic goods and fresh flower blossoms look very bridal on these intricately carved golden framed mirrors.

Milk glass is another growing trend in wedding decor.  We see a milk glass plate in the above photo.

Broaches were placed on all of the favors, bringing a bit more glam to the overall look.  

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