Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stephen Anthony Photopraghy

Hi all!

Last Tuesday we were lucky enough to have some fabulous friends stop by to have a play date!  And when I say play date I mean we had an all-day photo shoot.  With wedding season just around the corner, we like to find inspiration in new ideas and styles that can spark our clients' imaginations.  Stephen and Sou-Wah Ng (our past clients themselves) are amazing wedding photographers, and being located in Elk Grove as well, we decided it would be the perfect match up.  Having such attention to detail, it was a blast bouncing ideas off of each other throughout the morning and afternoon.  We came up with several different looks to display and they did the rest.  We are so excited to see the actual photos. To entertain you imaginations we included some pre-shoot photos.  Hope you all enjoy!


Our first display with a picnic-inspired look 
using an old door as the table.

Mixed teal and blue-green colored glass 
against the red carnations really pops and adds interest.  
It like color blocking for your table!

Stephen and Sou-Wah getting some cool shots.

Our next look had more of a living room or lounge feel.  
This could be used at a more casual outdoor wedding.  
We love this couch!

Playing with our imaginations....the floating grape lantern 
(since we had no ceiling to attach it to)

Meet Stephen and Sou-Wah...again:)

Shooting our vintage headboard and nightstand.  
The headboard is meant to be added interest for assigned seating, always fun to play with different ideas!

The cutest cake!  So excited for the pictures.


Our favorite time of the day....COFFEE BREAK!

The second look we worked on was more of a whimsical, romantic look, complete with crystals, white birch, lots and lots of candles and mercury glass.

In the beginning, things are looking quite bare

We hooked the crystal drapes on with zip ties...lots of them

Slowly attaching the designed flower arrangements

We also added some extra fresh greens to create a natural, overgrown look

Covering the wooden bases with mosses and fresh greens

More up close pictures, crystal broaches are 
to be pinned to the linen napkins.

We even found some pink sea-salt to add to the table top

Rock candy

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