Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stephen and Sou-Wah Ng at Wine and Roses in Lodi

Meet Sou-Wah.  She is English.

Meet Stephen. He is American.

Meet Sou-Wah and Stephen...
...They are in Love

Soft peony Bride's Bouquet

All the tiny details matter. ALWAYS.

The garden tent at Wine and Roses in Lodi, was set up with 
paper lanterns for the traditional tea ceremony.

They swayed in the light breeze.

Soft pink Carnation flower balls hung down the aisles.

Decor in the garden for the tea ceremony.

Vintage tea cup filled with hydrangea, suspended from wires inside of an antique birdcage.

Welcome to the reception.  Please find your name and take a seat!

Great idea!

The groom made the two wooden pieces to represent where he and his lovely bride have come from.

This is one of our most prized exclusive rentals.
The vintage three-foot tall iron birdcage is not only covered with 
beautifully earned rust and betina, but, the name cards of all of the guests.  
With each name removed, a piece of the interior of the cage can be seen. 
 At the final removal of the last card, a lovely bouquet 
and interesting did-bits are displayed for all to gaze upon.

Succulents, moss, vintage silver, books, and sea shells 
give this entire table scape a sense of relaxed beauty.   
 It supplies colors and textures to entertain the eye.  
Rather than the average arrangement,
 a play on every day items placed strategically 
amongst romantic and wild flowers creates a pairing 
everyone can appreciate.

Some reads....

Beautiful back shot.

The colors chosen for this wedding were beyond perfect.  
The pairing of soft mint and light pink 
were a breath of fresh air and 
unique to design with.

Notice the camera man in the background.  
He traveled with his team from Seattle just for the event.
He was a friend of the bride and groom,
 and created some outstanding videos!

The Groom's parents, Jennifer and Tony

Mint Julep cups filled with moss and topped with antique 
address plates to designate assigned seating.

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  1. love this! this wedding was done exactly how i would want mine (many many many years from now haha)