Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Above: Kate moss and her cute kiddies.  All dorning their wreaths in a spring meadow

Rock the Wreath!

In recent days the wedding of super model Kate Moss has brought a buzz to the flower shop. The buzz you ask? Hair wreaths. In the released photographs of her wedding, she is shown with many small children wearing fresh flower hair wreaths. This made us all start talking. These gorgeous wreaths are not only meant to be worn by children, but brides as well. With the spring wedding season just around the corner, more brides should think about a head wreath. The boho look has found its way into mainstream clothing more than ever and even now into bridal wear. You don't have to be a hippie to become a flower child.  

This week's blog is showing you how to rock a head wreath and still look polished and put together. Also, we take a brief look into the history and symbolism of wreaths.  Knowing what it is about them that is so interesting makes wearing one all that more fun.

We hope you enjoy the blog and we hope to see more of you rock the wreath this wedding season!


Above: Ancient Greek man wearing a wreath.  Wreaths were a symbol of triumph and power.

Above: A vintage drawing of a Bride in a wreath in the 1920's

Above & Below: Queen Victoria in 1840

Above: A head wreath made of vintage flowers.(Ask about vintage flowers at our shop)

Above: A wreath made of soft garden roses and iris look amazing on the fair skinned green-eyed woman, more vibrant colors pop on dark-haired brides.

Above: A suprising combination Japenese Cherry, Alstroemeria, and Baby Roses look beautiful on this auburn red hair.  It is a very romantic, victorian look.

Above: Simple baby's breath and daisies are the ultimate hippie-chic wreaths

Below: Kate Moss and her husband, Jamie Hince alongside some of their 15 bridesmaids.
It's fair to say they rock the wreath!

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  1. Really impressed with the fabulous planning done for the memorable day. Decorations and display signage boards done at my colleague's pre wedding dinner were amusing. Liked the wonderful location of NYC wedding venues with perfect party vibes all over. Flowers created a charming ambience as well.