Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bouquets to Art 2011

Bouquets to Art 
at the De Young Museum inside of Golden Gate Park

Every spring in San Francisco the de young museum of fine art puts together 
a week long celebration of around 150 floral exhibits to interpret pieces 
from the museum's permanent collection.  These exhibits are put together by floral designers 
and artists from all over the California region.  We are hoping to take part in the design 
process next year.  All in all, the show was spectacular and the pieces were very interesting.  
The museum was beautiful in itself and the plant life inside of Golden Gate Park 
was even more breath taking.  A hike or bike ride through that park is on our future wish list!
If you have never gone to check out this museum or would like to see any of the exhibits I
would highly recommend it.  

We found the most beautiful places before we even made 
it into the actual museum!

Recovered pieces of a charred baptist church 
were from the civil rights movement 
and strung from the ceiling.  

Giant palm branches, carnations, and calla lilies were suspended 
from the geometric frames in the grand entrance of the museum.

The petals of these roses were bent back to create a dramatic 
ruffled look.

Notice the painting behind this floral arrangement and its 
noticeable similarities.

Other guests come in numbers to ponder at the designer's works.

One of my personal favorites:)

Peeking outside of the windows looking out on a drizzly day 
in Golden Gate Park.

Our new favorite color combinations! Kangaroo paw, antiqued hydrangeas, and 
an eye popping assortment of orchids really caught the eyes of passing guests.

These colors were so deep and romantic.  
They really captured the sultry gaze upon the woman's face,
patiently waiting for a visitor to join her at her table.

Loving the black and orange combination!

One of our favorite designer's out of Carmel designed this piece.

These were growing all over the entire area, they were
very interesting to look at.

Finally, after the show, we finished off our day trip with a light 
dinner at Betelnut on Union Street.  I highly recommend
the Jasmine rice and green beans! Delicious.
And if it's nice weather, please do yourself a favor and sit on the patio,
the people watching is fabulous.

-Jackie & Chelsie

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