Monday, March 14, 2011


We have been recently pining over vintage peices of lace.  A few weeks ago we had a bride come to our shop asking about using paper lanterns and vintage lace in her reception decor.  Being recently engulfed in conversation of the delicate designs we began looking through bridal blogs in search of inspiration.  Turns out that the popularity of lace was dated all the way back to the 1500's and during Queen Elizabeth's reign.  It was very expensive and only the extremely wealthy were allowed to wear it.  Sometimes men would even have to sell acres of land to obtian enough lace to create a "ruff" or the ruffled neckpeice almost like a collar worn by the well to do men in that era. With that said lace is feminine, soft, and beautiful.  It can liven up any peice of decor and make every bride feel just as feminine and regal as a queen. Hopefully some of the pictures that we found will inspire you too! Hope everyong is having a lovely day:)

Soft looks remind me of the 2006 movie Marie Antionette
by Sophia Coppola 
Detailing even the smallest things, like a guestbook, adds more than you'd think.
Make sure that your photographers understand to capture even the tiniest of detail.
Lace on glass jars or votive cups creates intricate
desgins on lit walls, this creates a soft allure.
For trendy grooms:
Bow ties are all the rage.....these lace ones rock!
Socks and heels can be very girly and make for a fun photo op!
Grace Kelly, draped in delicate lace at her royal wedding
(We have this picture on our inspiration board in
the design studio! It's one of our favorites)
Some vintage takes on the classic hair flower
A dress hand crafted on etsy is
adorable for guests or bridal party

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