Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meagan & Adam Corrigan

One of our dear photographer friends, Meagan Lucy, from Christopher Kight, has gotten married! 
The charming australian (groom Adam Corrigan) and his bride looked all smiles for their reception, here in the capitol city.  They chose to embrace the colors in the carpets by going with deep hues of red, burnt orange, and golden yellows. Odd tidbits of fresh blackberries, blood red oranges, and even husks from large palm branches were incorperated into the sceme of things on request of the Bride (who has such fun taste!) Little cutie tangelos were placed around the table arrangements for color,
or even a little snack for their guests (also a plus for their natural bright fragrance).

Peering out the windows of the sixteenth floor, you could have seen all of Sacramento
sparkling in the night.  Uplighting gave off a nice ambient light, while the visitors from down under, the Bride's friends and family, as well as the Groom's gang of bulky mixed martial arts chums mingled late night.  Overall, this event was a lovely mix of people and the event style was right along side!

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  1. This is very nice, Chelsie... Thanks for posting this. I'm following your blog now, and will post this on my Facebook wall and will tweet it as well. Well done!