Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hi all!  
Just stopping by to share some exciting news with you all,
 Jackie's Flowers will now be carrying rental vintage furniture!

Collecting heirloom finds at local vintge fairs has always been a passion of ours.  However, in recent times we have seen a more mainstream call for the rustic treasures.  Many bridal blogs have been showing us that we are not alone in the love for history.  Renting and mixing these eclectic pieces at your event can create more of a casual, homie feel.  While at the same time creating a more custom appeal for your guests.  Easy on the eye, these peices are fun and speak loads about your personality.  At this moment the new additions are at a barn in Lodi getting a facelift.  Choosing soft bridal colors at first, we wanted to make sure that we can have them available to as many clients as possible.  More crazy quirky colors and patterns will follow soon!  These new peices will be on display at our upcoming bridal show at the Grand Island Mansion on Sunday, January 15th. 

For more information on the Bridal show 
contact the Grand Island Mansion at: (916) 775-1705

For all inquireies about the Prop House at Jackie's Flowers 
contact us at the flower shop: (916) 685-9233 

Above: Our little leg-less chair

Chickies running wild at the barn!

Picking colors for our brides was a lot harder than we thought.

Our bench in front of the barn.

Exploring the property

 Hope you all enjoyed the photos 
and we hope to see you at the show!

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