Monday, January 30, 2012

Loving Life and a little Mystery!

Yesterday we went to meet with two separate clients at their venues.  It was an interesting day to say the least.  On our way to the first place (Bella Piazza Vineyard), we spotted an interesting man we thought to be a bum walking down Jackson Highway.  This man had all of his belongings in a hiker's backpack with a large sign attached to his pack that read: Love Life.  We pulled the car over to ask if we could take a photo of him and give him a couple bucks.  When we pulled over, he had quite the story to tell us.  He was not a bum at all, he even had business cards handy to give us.

Here is his story:

Above is a link to a short video about his life.

After we met with our clients at Bella Piazza, we went off to Ione to see another couple we are working with in September.  They are getting married at Preston Castle.  We learned that this place was once a home for young troubled boys.  Either abandoned, had no where else to go, burglars, and murderers alike.  Here are some of the photographs we took of the facility, we hope you enjoy a look at a new place of interest for more of the artistic/original types.  Also, a fun side note, the place is rumored to be haunted...if your into that sort of thing.  You never might tickle your fancy!


Being a point of historical interest, Preston Castle is kept on watch at all times and is often even monitored by paranormal specialists.  There are tours given by the volunteers who take care of the facilities.  Preston Castle hopes to collect money by these tours and by hosting events so that they can restore the building to its original self.  It was built in the 1800s and was an active home up until 1960 when it was shut down.

Our upcoming bride will most likely have this draped with soft colored satin fabric to create a romantic touch against the old brick facade.

One of the watchtowers

The old showers in the gymnasium

There is the most beautiful moss on the property

The original beds in the infermetory

An old wheelchair

Barns where they kept machinery from the farm

Some feathers we found nearby

The back of the building where the reception will take place.  
Guests will not be allowed to go too far into the building because of the conditions of the interior are poor, however the exterior is amazing to see and very interesting to explore!

There are many trails and passage ways to explore

Old mail boxes line the streets where the guards and officers once lived

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